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Michael Khader

Contact Info

Office: 2106 GITC
Phone: 973-596-6078
Dept: Engineering Technology


About Me

I am the coordinator for the specialization in Telecommunications Management Technology (TMT).

I have over 14 years of full time and consulting experience from companies such as Bell Lab, Lucent, Allied Signals, and Harris Corporation.  I have worked in positions as senior engineer, project manager, product developer, system integrator, and system tester. Additionally, I have also worked in similar positions that have included a position as a technical staff member.

Currently, I have received a number of awards for my contributions to the engineering industry.


  • Cairo University, B.S., 1979
  • Polytechnic Institute of New York, B.S., 1983
  • Stevens Institute of Technology, M.S., 1990
  • Walden University, PhD., 2009


Courses Taught

  • ECET 300: Circuits and Systems
  • ECET 303:  Circuit Measurements
  • ECET 314:  Electronic communications
  • ECET 344:  C++ Object Oriented Design and Applications
  • ECET 401:  Senior Project I
  • ECET 402:  Senior Project II
  • ECET 415:  Applied Telecommunications
  • ECET 416:  Networking Design, Protocols and Designs
  • ECET 444:  Java Object Oriented Design and Applications

Curriculum Development

  • ECET 344:  C++ Object Design and Applications
  • ECET 415:  Applied Telecommunications
  • ECET 416:  Networking Design and Applications
  • ECET 444:  Java Object Design and Programming

Industrial Course Taught for Dialogic and Intel

  • Unix  device stream drivers for SCO Unix and Bell Lab Unix
  • Unix based telephony for dialogic using the MVP bus
  • A number of lab manuals for the abovementioned courses


Research Interest

Multi-criteria decision modeling, and fuzzy decision support systems

Modeling with queuing systems

Distance learning especially finding a solution to teach engineering laboratory coursework in a distance learning setting

Web access for remote sensing

Fuzzy pattern recognition

Medical instrumentation

Undergraduate research projects

Performance modeling of telecom systems





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